Claude CAMBOUR welcomes you to his website,
his workshop in Giverny and to a collection of works which are available for purchase.
He indicates the title and dimensions of each work.

For more information about purchasing these works,
you can contact him by e-mail at claude.cambour@orange.fr ,
or by fax on :
33 (0) 2 32 51 58 53.

The artist takes personal care of the shipping of the paintings.

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L'Allée aux Capucines
72"X60" with frame
La Neige et son grand silence
72"X54" with frame
Le Port de Honfleur
40"X34" with frame
Chalan sur la Seine
30"X27" with frame
Giverny que j'aime
53"X53" with frame
Jardin du Maître
40"x34" with frame
A Etretat
59"x46" with frame
Etretat falaises du souvenir
47"X40" with frame
La Seine aux Andelys
34"X30" with frame
41"X34" with frame
Montmartre en Décembre
37"x32" with frame
Iris chez Claude Monet
44"X37" with frame
A Moret sur Loing
40"x34" with frame
Frondaison givernoise
40"x34" with frame
Jardin d'Espagne
37"x44" with frame
Coquelicots et pommiers à Giverny
37"x32" with frame
L'atelier du Maître de Giverny
44"x37" with frame
Matin de printemps à Giverny
54"X40" with frame
Hiver chez Monet
17"x20,5" with frame
Paris et la Seine
48"x40" with frame
Le petit pont de Vernonnet
30"X27" with frame
Le Violon et l'Orchidée
48"X41" with frame
Rivière en Normandie
37"x32" with frame
Reflets d'argent à Giverny
44"x37"with frame
Poésie des jours enfouis
59"X46" with frame
La palette givernoise
37"x44" with frame
La petite reine de L'ile de Ré
41"x48" with frame
52"X41" with frame
Rivière et souvenirs
65"X53" with frame
La Rivière de Giverny
48"x41" with frame
Ombrage au Moulin de Connelles
59"X46" with frame
Reflets d'argents
40"x54" with frame
Ciel d'été en Normandie
37"x32" with frame
Clin d'oeil à Claude Monet
46"x49" with frame
Le Retour du Printemps
48"X48" with frame
Les Souvenirs de Francine
41"x48" with frame
24"X30" with frame
Fleurs de Mai
37"X32" with frame
Le petit Port de Honfleur
30"X27" with frame
Une journée à la Provençale
40"X34" with frame

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